Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November

Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November

Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November

Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November. Friends, the months of September and October were so busy! OMG, They had too many phones launched! You must have seen them. I am going to talk about the phone to be launched in November

So let’s know Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November There are many phones launching in November. Yes the sound is low but the phones are exciting. So read the full article to know.


I have been talking about them since June-July and I didn’t mention them but I talk to the guys at ASUS regularly, and they want to launch and they’re moving to the ASUS 8Z. Meaning those who want a compact Android phone with flagship-level specifications can look at the 8Z.

And 90% it will be launched by the end of November. Yes, I have spoken to ASUS that we have mentioned this twice in our upcoming video series and they have also confirmed that it is launching soon.

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Redmi Note 11 Series

These are important because Redmi Note series is the most popular series! And I think it is launching in China this month (October 28). There are 3 phones – Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus.

And usually the Redmi Note series is launched in India a month after the launch in China. According to that I am saying that 1-2 phones of Redmi Note series can come to India by the end of November. Or maximum in the first/second week of December. This time as it issaid to have 120W charging, 5G and on this dimension SoCs, and it is quite exciting as the Redmi Note 11 series is coming!

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Xiaomi 11T Series

Now its name has been changed! The Xiaomi 11T is a version of Xiaomi 11T Pro and they are listed on the BIS certification website, so the launch is imminent. These will definitely launching in mid-November. And remember that these are flagship level phones.

POCO M4 & M4 Pro

POCO M4 & M4 Pro – Either 1 or both phones launch but remember, Rumors and leaks are slowly coming to the fore and it looks like that. So yes, POCO M4 and M4 Pro are expect

Redmi K50 Series

Redmi K50 Series – It is not launching in India but in China. And with the amount of rumors on the specifications! These are all some crazy specifications in the K series phone. So that too is launching but in China.

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JioPhone Next

JioPhone Next – Remember, this is a phone is under at Rs 3.5-4K. It will be based on Qualcomm SD215 SoC. It will have Android Go and it may launch before November 15. Let us tell you that this phone prepair under the partnership of Google with Reliance Jio.

OnePlus 9RT 5G

Some interesting things are going to happen on this phone! We are talking about this phone for many days. It’s finally going to arrive by mid-November. It will have Qualcomm SD888 SoC, 50MP triple camera setup. So this time OnePlus is launching its T-series which is not coming but OnePlus 9RT is coming! This is a little less than the flagship level and we will see at what price it comes. So yes, the OnePlus 9RT is definitely coming by mid-November.

Another amazing phone launch I’ve been waiting for! It came in the name of iQOO 8 Pro in China but in India its known as iQOO 8 Legend. iQOO 8 Legend – It will be based on Qualcomm SD888+ SoC, will have a 2K+ QHD+ display with some great specifications. iQOO has launched several phones this year and the iQOO 8 Legend will sit at the top! So it is coming with some great specifications and is confirm to arrive in mid-November.

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